Soriana is not allowing entry to

by mosesk, Ojai, CA, USA, Friday, May 01, 2020, 15:17 (543 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

I called the local number of Soriana. I asked to speak to a manager and and talked to Jesus Samoles (sp?) in Spanish. He said this is the decision of the government.

I suggest that many of us not only contact him and the overall customer service, but also, the mayor.

the only way to change this is not to lie about our age, but exert some of our power and influence.

Instead of going against the grain, why don't you all use the Grocery Delivery service I posted above or SHOP SOMEWHERE ELSE?

Soriana is doing the right thing. It isn't their fault a few elderly foreigners in Zihuatanejo don't live with their families as most Mexicans do who can send younger family members to do their shopping.

Infectados, 41 de 70 empleados en tienda de Iguala

I’ll try to not say something stupid about this situation.
But let me point out that as of about a week ago most of the checkers were not even wearing masks.
Also remember they let the baggers go early on because of age.

And a final thought- Mega is more than food.
I’d probably have to go to 3 or 4 small shops to get what I pick up at Mega- light bulbs, USB cable, etc
Rob- you have presented a rational explanation for the policy and one I would not have thought of.
But it could have been implemented in a better manner..
Frankly I was surprised a couple of weeks ago when I saw a small sign at the new Waldos inhibiting the over 60s
But it wasn’t being enforced so I took it rather lackadaisically.
But Mega seems serious

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