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by jaui @, Zihuatanejo, Monday, May 04, 2020, 03:07 (205 days ago) @ Talley Ho


Hola @ Talley Ho

Re: "INBURSA is our new fav for their ATM, their fee is 17.4 pesos per transactions, 5000 p max per transaction".......

Me too, I have been using the INBURSA ATM for around 2 years, when they were down the street in their previous location next to Banamex.
Yes, their 17.40 fee is fine.

I just wanted to offer a "tip" (in case you weren't already aware) on making an INBURSA ATM withdrawl, and needing, for example 10,000 pesos......

I have both a checking and a savings at a Califorinia Credit Union bank.
So, (assuming both accounts have funds to cover the transactions) I make a 5,000 with-drawl from the checking, and ditto from the savings, getting the desired 10 mil pesos en efectivo, for 34.80 fee total.
We can conclude that the 5,000 limit is per bank account number.

There may be better option(s) as another User suggested.
But for a walk-up transaction, INBURSA seems to be the best option for me, for relatively small amounts of cash.

@Victorio, excuse this derail from your main topic about Soctia Bank.


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