Rice and Beans Update

by JACK @, Friday, May 22, 2020, 12:52 (8 days ago) @ ladybug

We have delivered 1297 food hampers as of this morning, more are ordered and of course more on the list as well as covering the first families for a second time. This morning was particularly rewarding as one of the volunteers told me of a mother in the back of Coacauyl who had lost her job in a Zihua store and of course was on their list. I learned she speaks English and was tutoring the kids in her neighbourhood in all the subjects even before COVID. I asked what she was using for supplies if she was low income even before this crisis. I had extra craft supplies, a table and a few things that would make her teaching space a little easier and fun for the kids so they loaded that up too. Her home is less than modest and she desperately needs a new roof so I will tackle how to solve that next. Sometimes the City will give out lamina for roofing and sometimes not and then we just have to ask for donations. When someone never asks for anything and gives so much I think it is important to help them. I am so proud of all the volunteers who have stepped up to help with deliveries, free haircuts etc. This is a great community.

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Typo in lost line. Should be porlosninos.com

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