Changes to The Mexican Tax Code for Vacation Rentals

by Property Rental Club, Saturday, May 23, 2020, 10:53 (7 days ago) @ mosesk

Hi Mosesk,

In an effort to keep the booklet from getting any longer than it already was I omitted the step by step procedure for applying for an RFC but I will gladly expand on it now.

1. You must be a citizen or resident of Mexico to apply for an RFC
(You can also apply for an RFC if you set up a Mexican Corporation, this has its own procedure and accounting responsibilities. I will ignore this process for now but if you would like me to expand on this, just ask)

2. Set Up an appointment through the SAT website. Using the link bellow
-> Click the yellow "Iniciar" button
-> Click the red "Registrar Cita" button
->On the box on the left hand side find and click on Guerrero then MTS Zihuatanejo
-> On the right hand side select the "Inscripción de Personas Físicas (casos especiales)" option
-> Close the pop up window that pops up
-> Click "Siguiente" on the bottom right
-> Enter your information on the right hand side then select an available date on the calendar.

3. Things You need to bring to your appointment
- An Identification
- Your CURP( if you have one ) or your permanent/ temporary residency card
- A notarized power of attorney for your legal representative when you are out of the country
- Your last tax declaration with your Tax ID from the CRA or IRS (To avoid double taxation, see booklet)
- A utility bill as proof of residence for your address in Mexico (Preferably a bill from CFE)
- A USB drive to save your e-signature (this will be needed by your accountant to do your tax declarations)

4. Please refer to the Regimen de Incorporacion Fiscal (RIF) section on the booklet for information on lowering your tax liabilities through this special government program.

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