Immigration office and mexican passport issue

by el riscal, Saturday, June 27, 2020, 17:50 (118 days ago)

I have a unique situation and I am seeking some advice. My 14 year old daughter has dual citizenship with both US and Mexican passports. Her mother lives in Zihua. Back in March she drove with her adult cousins to Zihua from the US. Since then, while in Zihua, her Mexican passport has expired. The office for Mexican passports in Lazaro Cardenas is still closed due to the virus. My daughter is planning to fly back to the US at the end of July with her adult cousins, driving back is not an option.

Can Mexican citizens fly domestically within Mexico without a Mexican passport?

Is the Immigration office in Zihua open these days? Wondering if it would be possible for my daughter to request a US tourist visa with her US passport so as to be able to fly back to the US. When she arrived in Mexico she presented her since expired Mexican passport.

If anyone has any ideas regarding obtaining a Mexican passport during these times thanks. We are trying to avoid taking a bus to Tijuana and walking across. Thanks again.

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