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There's a long history of political relatives peddling influence - Nixon's brother; Billy Carter (Billy beer!); a host of Bushes; Hunter Biden; all of Trump's kids. It's all pretty sleazy but not necessarily illegal, and doesn't necessarily reflect on the character of the politician.

But with this story of Russian bounties it seems like you've finally hit your limit with Trump. I have often wondered if there was a line in the sand that would make you sour on him, and perhaps this story is the final straw. Just today there is more confirmation (and a Senate briefing) that Trump was briefed on this at least four months ago and possibly a year ago. So it's really no longer a question of if it happened but when. And he is still sucking up to Putin.

I can understand if you can't vote for Biden. But it's inconceivable that anyone could vote for Trump. He clearly doesn't have the interests of the US, especially US troops, at heart.

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