Possibly 130,000 deaths from Covid-19 in Mexico

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This link is to an article (in Spanish) that talks about the number of deaths that exceed corresponding numbers from prior years. Barring unusual events the number of deaths per day in a country can be pretty predictable. Unfortunately we in Mexico have been seeing an unusual number of deaths around the country from April through July. We can't know for sure that all of those excess deaths were due to Covid-19 but it is the primary suspect.

I provide this information only for the purpose of providing information for those who are interested in knowing it.

In Guerrero the highest rate of infections and deaths are in the communities of the Costa Chica where autodefensas, against the recommendations of Subsecretario de Salud Dr. Hugo López-Gatell, set up filtros sanitarios to "control" the spread of Covid-19. As was predicted by Dr. López-Gatell, the increased contact of such measures results in increased incidences of contagion. Exactly the opposite of what the autodefensas are trying to do.

Since you've criticized the federal government's response, what would you recommend they do differently?

As I've stated before, Mexico's limited resources and other unique characteristics and problems limit its viable responses, yet there remains a steady stream of criticism from political rivals though no one offers a course of action they would take. Your "source" is a political magazine, not a medical one.

So more testing would show us more contagions and more deaths attributed to the virus. Fairly useless numbers without context, yet the context in which the federal government bases its response is ignored by its critics. Numbers in the absence of context are confusing at best and often used as grounds for criticism. The reality on the ground is reflected in the trends, and the downward trends don't reflect a lack of testing but rather what medical professionals are dealing with. The reason there may be more deaths attributed to the virus than reflected in the official count is due to the inability to test all suspicious deaths coupled with the FACT that it often isn't Covid-19 that kills the infected person but their OTHER health issues. Often a difficult call by the medical examiner. I expect there are degrees of this same issue worldwide. IMHO, the TOTALS aren't what's important, the TRENDS are.

But thanks for sharing! B-)

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