Possibly 130,000 deaths from Covid-19 in Mexico

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In Guerrero the highest rate of infections and deaths are in the communities of the Costa Chica where autodefensas, against the recommendations of Subsecretario de Salud Dr. Hugo López-Gatell, set up filtros sanitarios to "control" the spread of Covid-19. As was predicted by Dr. López-Gatell, the increased contact of such measures results in increased incidences of contagion. Exactly the opposite of what the autodefensas are trying to do.

How do you or anyone know where the highest rates of infection are without testing?

Since you've criticized the federal government's response, what would you recommend they do differently?

I have presented the recommendations of leading health professionals from around the world and from countries that have more successfully fought this pandemic. Testing in conjunction with contact tracing, obligatory isolation for positive cases, and following sanitary precautions in public spaces seem to be the most effective methods at the moment for controlling the spread of this virus. Taiwan, South Korea, Uruguay, Rwanda and several European countries have shown the way scientifically. Those countries all have varying levels of resources and have shown that vast resources are not necessary to successfully contain the virus. I don't buy the argument that Mexico doesn't have the resources to engage a successful campaign. I have provided many many links to in previous posts from a variety of sources to show why I think that and to show that I am not just asserting it from my gut. It seems to me that the reason the current administration hasn't devoted the resources is because early on they didn't take it seriously and they were more worried about harming the economy than fighting a uncertain threat. Fine, we can all be forgiven for not appreciating the threat in the early days. Once the threat became clearer though, this government decided to "stay the course" rather than adapt because they had expended a considerable amount of political capital in saying that the virus would not be a problem for Mexico for a variety of reasons. The extent of the pandemic has shown the error of that assessment.

As I've stated before, Mexico's limited resources and other unique characteristics and problems limit its viable responses, yet there remains a steady stream of criticism from political rivals though no one offers a course of action they would take. Your "source" is a political magazine, not a medical one.

AnimalPolitico is one of the few news sources that does not accept advertising from the political parties in Mexico in an attempt to retain their independence from them. The article I linked to makes no effort to place blame on any entities, it is simply reporting on facts about this situation. I like this news source because they are committed to a true journalistic approach to the news and politics. Their articles regularly fact check politicians of all political parties and generally seem to be focused on just reporting the facts. I am not claiming that they are completely unbiased because I don't think that is possible from any individual or organization. They seem to do a much better job than the majority of news organizations here in Mexico which are often quite obvious about their political leanings. I have presented links to the opinions of medical professionals in prior posts and you said something to the effect of "I don't care what any other medical professional says, I am listening to Dr. Hugo Lopez-Gatell...". I hope you can see why I might feel frustrated by your responses.

So more testing would show us more contagions and more deaths attributed to the virus. Fairly useless numbers without context, yet the context in which the federal government bases its response is ignored by its critics. Numbers in the absence of context are confusing at best and often used as grounds for criticism. The reality on the ground is reflected in the trends, and the downward trends don't reflect a lack of testing but rather what medical professionals are dealing with. The reason there may be more deaths attributed to the virus than reflected in the official count is due to the inability to test all suspicious deaths coupled with the FACT that it often isn't Covid-19 that kills the infected person but their OTHER health issues. Often a difficult call by the medical examiner. I expect there are degrees of this same issue worldwide. IMHO, the TOTALS aren't what's important, the TRENDS are.

So if there isn't testing how do we know if the trends are actually going down? Is that just a gut feeling. Is it because the amulets in AMLO's wallet tell him so?:stirpot: I am completely baffled by how anyone can say that we don't need testing then say that because we aren't testing as much we can see that infections are decreasing. I will be watching data sets like this to see if that is true or not. I will not just be taking the word of people who have a political agenda.

Humberto Romero

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