Possibly 130,000 deaths from Covid-19 in Mexico

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Saturday, September 05, 2020, 09:51 (52 days ago) @ cd69

Very well put! And if the numbers are climbing in the next couple months and some tourism resume, it is likely going to be a double whammy as right now one of the largest contributor to the spread of covid19 here is travelers and I can't see why it would be different in Mexico. So you would get hit with local spread of the virus and from tourism from the US and Canada. That is one of the biggest fear for most of my local friends involved in businesses catering to tourists.

Really? Gee, that's exactly what I've been saying. So why is everyone disagreeing with me if you just repeated what I've been saying for MONTHS now?

That's why I've been describing the measures people ARE taking and praising the work being done to protect our visitors. The hotels and restaurants aren't the places getting hit with sick workers. It's been the people who refuse to wear facemasks, including visitors, and now that the bars are open they will be a focus of infection for their patrons and workers, as we who are here can witness first hand and exactly as I have been predicting. Can't fix stupid, but I don't praise or promote stupid here. I have been trying to inform you all what IS working and where safe practices ARE being observed and what trends and tendencies ARE occurring.

People here in Zihuatanejo and the Costa Grande must get back to work because otherwise they will starve, and many people here including our elderly friends and neighbors are currently living without electricity, phones and water because they can't pay their bills. So hell yes I want tourists to return and know where is safe and where isn't and what measures are being taken. But our numbers aren't just raw data to be compared with other places beyond mentioning that the entire country of Mexico is about on par with the state of Florida. And that's why I take exception with people referring to the numbers while ignoring or being unable to express their significance. When I try to explain their significance some of you have criticized me without offering your own explanation other than citing other countries with different circumstances.

While some tourists may be Covidiots, it is simply not that difficult to follow sanitary practices, and doing so pretty much guarantees that folks can enjoy their vacations here without infecting themselves or others with this damn virus.

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