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Several people have wondered whether it's safe to travel to Zihua on account of the Covid virus. The latest Week has a piece on air travel that might be of interest. Here is a part of it: How safe is it to fly? Safer than you might think, for an activity that involves strangers congregating for long stretches in a cramped metal tube. "Most viruses and other germs do not spread easily on flights," said the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, citing commercial airlines' sophisticated air filtration and circulation systems. Airplanes typically refresh their entire air volume every few minutes; recirculated air is pumped through high efficiency filters that remove 99.97 percent of virus size particles. The primary risk in flying is that an infected passenger could sit next to or near you and exhale, cough, or sneeze virus-laden droplets that you'd breathe in before they were filtered out. But while evidence is limited, the "data to date suggest only rare possible occurrences of in-flight transmission" of Covid 19, said Lin Chen, a Harvard Medical School professor and expert in travel medicine.

So we look forward to coming down on December 1. In addition, Casa Amarilla is a great place to keep one's distance from the crowds. The sitting and dining area is open almost all the way around, giving you a great view of the mountains, city, bay and ocean.

Casa Amarilla Vacation Rental

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