Radial well

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Question for Rob
The statement below which I copied out of the newspaper Desperate de la Costa. I am curious about this and wonder if you know more details on the location of this new radial well that will be able to supply so much water for Zihua for 25 years?

In his message, Astudillo announced to the Zihuatanejones that during the time that remains for him to be governor, the radial well will be built that will guarantee drinking water to the municipality for the next 25 years, and the Paseo del Pescador will be complete.

We keep hearing about this system, but most folks here continue running out of water on a weekly basis. Two wells were recently washed away by the hurricane "Hernán" when it was forming up on top of us, so I have my reservations this is anything other than another politician's "promise".

As for the rest of Paseo del Pescador that most definitely does NOT need remodeling or more cement poured on our beach, I recently voiced my opposition to this on my Facebook page and it was one of my more popular posts of all year. I don't know anyone except the folks who stand to profit directly who want to see this "project" carried out. But every mayor we get seems to want to leave his mark and fill his pockets by "remodeling" our waterfront since the first year I moved here. And I told the mayor way back then just like I continue telling them today, the patient (aka Zihuatanejo) is dying of cancer while all they do is keep putting more makeup on it.

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