Comienzan Las CelebraZIHones

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Sunday, September 13, 2020, 18:57 (42 days ago)


As of today Zihuatanejo has registered a cumulative total of 1,161 confirmed cases of Covid-19, 81 that resulted in fatalities, 43 that are currently active, and 963 that have recovered. An increase of 35 cases between two consecutive weeks according to the UNAM.

Although we haven't really been bothered yet by bar music, plenty of our friends and neighbors have been and they're complaining about it. The nearby restaurant on the beach that sometimes has live music has turned down the volume to be courteous to their neighbors. We are grateful for their consideration.

After a bright sunny day it looks like we might get a little rain. PERFECT WEATHER! The plants are loving it.

If you've always wanted to learn how to surf or to dive or if you've always wanted to try snorkeling, kayaking or SUPing (stand-up paddleboard) we have excellent services available. Also for whalewatching, birdwatching, sea turtle hatchling releases or exploring local archeological sites or the local coastline. There are excellent local instructors and guides for all these adventures and more. Please take advantage of their incredible knowledge and their truly wonderful services, and if you can send them a deposit to help tide them over until more tourists start arriving, that would be helpful.
Guide to Activities, Charters and Tours in Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa

Just in case that big wave comes along.

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