Requiem for a Republic?

by jay @, Sunday, November 15, 2020, 23:01 (345 days ago) @ Bill Fun

Perhaps you can better inform me. One question I have is what the Portland police did to deserve these 100 nights of attacks besides being severely taunted/provoked by rocks, feces, lasers, commercial grade fireworks, etc. showered on them due to something that happened in MSP. Why even a man was murder downtown for being a Trump supporter.

For the record, the man was murdered not for being a Trump supporter but for being a member of the Proud Boys, an extreme white-supremacist group (and who comes up these lame names anyway? Proud Boys? Boogaloo Bois? It's an indication of a grade-school playground mentality). And also for the record I abhor violence in all its forms.

While the George Floyd murder was the proximate cause of the protests, the Portland police has its own long history of abuses. And that's why the protesters were, and are, in the streets. It's become a test of wills. The protesters want fundamental change in policing, especially its seemingly cavalier attitude towards abusing its authority (and not being held accountable); vs police who think they're too restricted already and have no intention of reforming its practices. Police are practicing a rope-a-dope strategy, stonewalling and slow-walking reforms until protesters get cold and wet and go home. And why not? That strategy has always worked before, and appears to be working again.

The 'attacks' on Portland police have been heavily exaggerated by right-wing media, often dishonestly conflating attacks elsewhere with Portland protests, acts that are almost always committed by non-affiliated protesters, not members of BLM or antifa. I'm not saying that some of those attacks didn't occur, but simply not with the widespread frequency or intensity that Sean Hannity keeps blathering about. And it was all contained within a few square blocks around the Federal Building, not across the whole city as right-wing media suggested. In addition police have been too quick to officially declare a riot, and much of the ensuing 'rioting' has been provoked by a heavy-handed effort to enforce an arbitrary curfew. So there's lots of blame to spread around to all sides. Still, any violence is too much, whether committed by protesters or police.

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