Covid exposure level from airborne aerosols in high wind?

by FotoNut, Thursday, January 21, 2021, 14:20 (86 days ago) @ Nancy in SGF

I felt comfortable as well until a couple of days ago when as an ex-smoker I got a full "hit" from what the guy 30' away was smoking and to simply reiterate, smelling all that cologne from guys so far away had me starting to wonder about my logic of how much distancing I was actually accomplishing as well.

To all those who responded with well thought out, and philosophical theories, I have to say thank you. It's nice to know that people who can think outside a small cracker box still exist in the world.

To all those who replied with the typical small-mindedness, tribalism and "love it or leave it" type mentality that we've all stomached since the 'Nam war era, well thank you all for setting me straight that just as many of you exist here in this community as the very best I've seen from the fine locations of San Miguel de Allende, Chapala and most of the other expat enclaves across Mexico, Central and South America that can all boast having an equal line of such deep thinkers.

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