Car Rental Questions

by nancywwc, Tuesday, June 29, 2021, 12:02 (115 days ago)


My husband, two teenage sons, and I are going to be visiting for two weeks in July. (FYI We are all fully vaxed and have no problem wearing a mask if it is required in certain places). We normally take taxis or walk everywhere. This time though we were thinking of renting a car for these reasons...

-We want to have some adventures at beaches that are little farther away.
-We are a very tall family and that can be difficult sometimes in the smaller taxis (My 16yo is 6"1')
-Sometimes the taxis don't have enough seatbelts for all of us.
-And finally, we want to rent a car because of Covid. We want to protect ourselves and everyone down there as much as possible.

I reserved a car through Alamo at the airport.... My questions are...

is it worth it to rent a car using the reasons listed above?

and what is the insurance situation? I know we are required to get liability insurance, but I'm just wondering what other things the agent at the airport will try to add on that I may or may not need?

Thanks to everyone in advance!! And thanks to ZihuaRob for the daily updates!

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