PedaZIHtos de Paraíso

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Monday, July 05, 2021, 21:38 (104 days ago)


Another picture postcard perfect day of brilliant sunshine and blue skies with mild temps.

El Gobernador was here today along with the state's tourism director to make a lot of fanfare about the millions of pesos being budgeted to rebuild the decrepit pier at Playa Linda. As usual, this appears to be another political gift to our mayor, unless the project is actually assigned based on blind bidding, which is unlikely based on the mayor's history. With the money they spent just to fly bigwigs here for a big photo op I'm sure better things could've been done. Don't know why every time politicians simply do their jobs it has to be a major photo op at tremendous public expense.

Supposedly the city will be fumigating against mosquitos this week, though we haven't seen any of it yet. Be ready to shut your windows when they do so you don't breathe the poison, that to me often smells like malathion. Nasty stuff. They used to just walk around spraying clouds of this stuff into all the shops, homes and restaurants in town back in the early 70's. Folks still refer to insecticide as DDT here, just so's ya know.

Look carefully and you'll notice there's no more Mercado de Conchas. Several more palm trees were cut down as well as some shade trees. I imagine LOTS of cement will get poured here for a new mercado that sells shells and tourist trinkets from other places, and that a few more trees will be lost before it's over.

Raulito with his Abuela at Playa Las Manzanitas a couple of years ago. Raulito will be getting a walker to help him stand and move around to help his digestion and to rebuild atrophied muscles. He continues ingesting liquified vegetables, fruits, flowers, honey and herbs thanks to a new food processor. His physical aspect appears to be improving, but he is still in a bit of pain. His courage is truly formidable so far.

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