Seeking latest COVID updates from Zihua

by lawupton, Friday, September 10, 2021, 14:25 (36 days ago)

Looking for a reliable update on COVID status in Zihua. We were originally scheduled for our 5th trip to Zihua May 2020 for a retirement celebration but had to cancel due to COVID restrictions at that time. We felt confident then that we could safely rescheduled our vacation to November 2021 but it appears we underestimated the virus and human nature so my wife is asking me to cancel again.

Few things I would love to learn more about before I take that step.

1. We stay in a Condo near Playa Madera so have ability to cook our own meals but this is a vacation so we prefer to visit some of our favorite spots to eat.

How has the recent COVID spread impacted restaurants in the area? I pray they have been able to remain open.

2. We typically spend several evenings near Centro grabbing a hamburgesa from the cart run by the 2 gentlemen, watch some basketball or just sit back to people watch and enjoy the evening market/street fair atmosphere.

How is COVID impacting evening events at Centro? Are there still nightly events and activities taking place? Is the Municipal Market open daily? Are there masks guidelines in place and are they being followed?

3. It's my understanding that flights back to US will require a negative COVID test 3 days prior to boarding and from what I researched online the only place to get a test is at the airport but it also appears this testing site is not always open. I would prefer not to have to hire a cab to run to the airport 3 days before we depart especially if there is no guarantee we can get a test and results back per the requirements.

Does anyone have any updates or personal experience with meeting the testing requirements to travel back to US?

I can't find any reliable updates on vaccination rates and/or new spread of COVID in Mexico. We don't mind wearing a mask in public and we have been fully vaccinated but if we will just be hanging out in the condo because nothing is open we will probably opt to reschedule our vacation (again) for 2022. After all, one of the biggest reasons we travel to Zihua is for the people and the food.

Any advice or information to help me make this decision by the end of September would be greatly appreciated.

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