Insurance for Travel on Expedia

by Little Guy, Friday, October 15, 2021, 12:34 (105 days ago) @ Yandosan

Getting a refund is like pulling teeth

I don’t mind looking at sites like Expedia as part of my searching for fares. I always book directly.

Once I booked a car reservation through a third-party. (It was WestJet.)

When I arrived at Zihuatanejo, the company (Hertz) said it didn’t have my reservation. I provided a copy of the reservation confirmation. They looked up the confirmation number and said the reservation had been cancelled two days earlier.

I immediately went to the WestJet counter. WestJet was no help at all. They said that they didn’t actually make the car reservations. They contracted with a company in Ireland who did the reservations. Hertz would not honour the rate. I took a car at a higher rate.

Neither WestJet nor the Irish company would provide any relief.

Now I book directly.

It still doesn’t solve the problem. Last December I made a reservation directly with Hertz, arrived at the counter with my reservation, and they had no car.

I made a reservation directly with Hertz Mexico for a car for my arrival yesterday. Again they had no car. I showed Hertz the reservation. They confirmed on their computer that they had the reservation but had no car.

I felt like Jerry Seinfeld.

But at least now I know where to direct my unhappiness. ????

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