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by Ironwood @, Tuesday, October 19, 2021, 18:09 (98 days ago) @ Roberto!

Thank you for the information. Glad you pointed out you could do it all on an Iphone --- which is all I will have with me for Internet access.

Just a couple of more questions --- did you travel alone and if not, was there a provision on the ArriveCan app where you could submit information for another person just in one filing or does each individual have to do it themselves? How long did it take from the time you submitted your info to ArriveCan to get a response from them?

The ArriveCan app only allows you to proceed so far until you're within the 72 hr. time period which is the reason for these questions and I don't want to be thrown a curve at the last minute.

I certainly appreciate your help and information.



Hola Roberto. We do not have a cell or smartphone, only an Android tablet. Will this present any difficulties receiving confirmation of PCR test results, and/or the subsequent completion of the ArriveCan documentation, prior to departure?
I'm also interested in whether a couple can complete one ArriveCan form, or is one required for each person.

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