Trip Report - abridged

by Ironwood @, Sunday, November 21, 2021, 09:02 (180 days ago)

Drove down from British Columbia, for the first time since 2014/15. Haven't been to Zihua since March/20. Drove 5379 km (3342 miles), Mexican roads, (including the toll roads, which, for the most part, are in lousy shape) took another two years off the life of my car. Tolls in Mexico 2340 pesos. Spent 3 nights in Mazatlan: way too busy/crazy for us now.....couldn't wait to get to quieter, more laid-back Zihua.

Man, it's hot and humid here in Zihua, compared to Maz. Re the remodeled Paseo del Pesdador: from what we'd seen in photos, we were prepared to dislike it, but are pleasantly surprised. Yes, it took away lots of beach. Yes, there appears to be no space available for concerts, eg GuitarFest. And we wonder if all those 100s of lights have a master dimmer switch.....that would be nice.

Still confused by La Ropa's beach rules......"certified", whatever the hell that means, but only from the Thompson to the rocks at the north end? Does that mean life as usual from the Thompson to Las Gaviotas? Lounge chairs on the beach? Folks can set up their own umbrellas and chairs? Like La Ropa pre COVID?

No health checks whatsoever entering Mexico by questions, no health forms, nada. $400 US deposit for our 9 year old car! How old does a car have to be for the lowest $200 US deposit? We did ask for, and got without question, the max 180 days on the Tourist card....FMM....or whatever. Our car is also automatically given 180 days. We may try flying home for a quick 3 day turnaround in mid-December.

Also no health checks going onto the beach at La Ropa. Quick comment on mask-wearing: we saw very few people wearing masks in the USA, far more here in Mexico. Most businesses/restaurants in the States have mask notices posted on the door, but clearly, the practice is to put the mask on just before entering, and immediately remove it once inside. Strange people, Americans.

Wine prices in local restaurants continue to amaze.....virtually the same as in BC, and that's saying something.

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