Flags are the least of La Ropa's problems

by Ironwood @, Tuesday, November 23, 2021, 17:08 (368 days ago) @ Talley Ho

I know much has been written about the ridiculous "blue flag certification" of Playa La Ropa, but after experiencing the beach first-hand, I have to comment:

What were they thinking? They've turned a very people-friendly beach into one that seems to go out of its way to discourage people from actually using it, unless they are well-heeled enough to patronize the beach restaurants. Maybe that's the whole point behind the silly regulations.

Oddly enough, we got several different explanations from beach restaurant people as to what is, and is not allowed.....and where. The "blue flag certified beach", whatever the hell that means, apparently extends only from the edge of the southern-most building of the Thompson/Tides/Villa del Sol complex, north to the rocks below Casa Que Canta. It does not include the lengthy undeveloped beachfront lot, apparently owned by the Thompson, where, (just as an aside), people have enjoyed playing volleyball for decades.

Many of the beach restaurants have had their "territory" shrunk. Paty's, supposedly inside the blue flag area, has lost the right to set-up their long-standing beach lounge chairs and umbrellas. Likewise for Rossy's and El Delfin, who have lost all their beach lounge chairs. Since both latter restaurants are apparently out of the blue flag-certified area, why have they been pared-back?
Interestingly, La Perla, apparently outside the blue flag area, occupies a large area of the beach. They appear unaffected: all their usual beach umbrellas, lounge chairs, etc. are still there.

The biggest shock appears to be a prohibition on folks setting up their own beach umbrellas and chairs ANYWHERE on La Ropa.....blue flag area or otherwise. Bringing ones own chairs, umbrellas, etc has always been a major attraction for many longtime visitors to La Ropa, for foreign visitors as well as thousands of national tourists.....peace and quiet, not being forced to patronize relatively expensive beach restaurants, etc. What are those visitors supposed to do now? Where will they be welcome? I believe there are visitors who will chose to vacation elsewhere, solely as a result of this stupid regulation.

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