Mexico COVID Forms-Online

by qwerty @, Oregon, USA, Wednesday, December 01, 2021, 15:54 (257 days ago) @ Juanita Banana

Fill it out no earlier than 12 hours before flight time online. You can probably fill out a paper form at check-in but much easier to have it all done before you get to the airport.

Good luck!
JB B-)

What exactly does 12 hours before flight time mean? Is it 12 hours before our first flight or the flight that takes us into Mexico? There are no direct flights where we live. If we have to wait until 12 hours before the flight that takes us into Mexico, that will likely mean we are already en route without good access to the internet. While I have a smart phone, I don't like using it for anything as important as completing such a form would be and my travel companion does not have one.

This question is theoretical at this point. Don't see us making it back to Mexico until later in 2022, and even that is still in the early discussion stage.

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