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by JohnnyJ ⌂ @, Oly, Friday, December 03, 2021, 21:57 (301 days ago)
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......To those who helped the dental volunteer group from Western Washington last week: Our hosts, Dra. Cecilia Villavicencio and her two sons, Drs. Jorge and Angel Monteagudo Villavicencio, and their staff and others who helped us deliver preventive dental services to 70 children from the school at the basurera and escuela Octavio Paz.
Also to the venues who did an excellent job with our gatherings:
La Tasca restaurant on the walking path in La Madera impressed me greatly! Couldn't have been more pleased with their upstairs meeting area, food, and service for the 17 of us on only a day's notice.
Also the owners of Emilio's Restaurant in Ixtapa, who donated the delicious meal for our group last Sunday.
Many thanks to the community. We look forward to returning to "Zihua Bay"
(But only if this YouTube link works! Saludos!)


"Zihua Bay" on YouTube/deviny

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