by Leftcoast, Wednesday, January 12, 2022, 07:57 (261 days ago)

Been at Zihu since Suday night. Waters warm
Food is great people are polite. No health
Form at airport. Staying on Madera. Dogs on the beach
Mexican families in the water. Umbrellas and chairs
Allowed.Just getting relaxed. People working in restaurants
Always masked up.Visitors 50 50.our hotel
Going above and beyond with covid practices.
Sprayed down everything around pool stair rails bathrooms
Restaurant on the beach. Doing the best they
Can. No guarantees. It was nice to see
A huge pile of clothes on the sand with no one around
And look in the water and two families having fun
In the water. I'm spending money and tipping
Well. Damn there alot of Canadians down here.
All fun people that I have encountered. Oh
By the way the weather is perfect.

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