Why ALL people in Zihuatanejo should wear masks!!!

by Timmac @, Steilacoom, WA, Tuesday, January 18, 2022, 01:07 (210 days ago) @ jaui



I appreciate your fast reply and excellent comments, as usual.

My main question though remains:

Is the situation & possiblity of transmitting the virus not a "two-way street "?

Some users are emphasizing only about "Foreigners" visiting Z passing the Virus to a local resident, which obviously is an important aspect to the situation.

No obstante:
Is it not possible that a Foreigner could arrive in fine condition, e.g. NO virus at all, could get infected by a local resident here?

I guess I could have been more clear. Yes, transmission is indeed a two way street. I think the incidence in residents is likely to be higher and presumably visitors are vaxxed and boosted. They could be infected, but it is less likely. I think it is probably more likely that a visitor could have a breakthrough infection, be asymptomatic, and transmit to a local who would have less immunity since he has not been boosted. If someone is unwise enough to visit without being vaxxed and boosted, I think the odds would be high he would be infected. Bottom line everybody needs to mask around other people and to avoid large groups. Were I king, I’d eliminate all large group gatherings for the time being.

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