Why ALL people in Zihuatanejo should wear masks!!! Symptoms

by Ironwood @, Monday, January 24, 2022, 12:14 (200 days ago) @ jaui

Yes, transmission is indeed a two way street. I think the incidence in residents is likely to be higher and presumably visitors are vaxxed and boosted. They could be infected, but it is less likely. I think it is probably more likely that a visitor could have a breakthrough infection, be asymptomatic, and transmit to a local who would have less immunity since he has not been boosted. If someone is unwise enough to visit without being vaxxed and boosted, I think the odds would be high he would be infected. Bottom line everybody needs to mask around other people and to avoid large groups. Were I king, I’d eliminate all large group gatherings for the time being. "


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@Dr. Timmac

I think this should be of interest to people who have what appears to be "common cold" symptoms.
I did call the GRO Covid-Tel and spoke with a Dr.
He said that the symptomatology is different these days vs in the initial year ½ or so.
What appears to be a common cold, such as phlegm, and starts out as a sore throat that "goes away" after a few days, at this point in time may actually be Covid or one of the variants. One should get tested.
Do you have an opinion on this?

More sobering and confusing news, (not from you, you've been a voice of reason), which has been par for the course. While it is encouraging that those who have been vaxxed and boosted may suffer nothing more than a sore throat that quickly goes away, or other minor cold symptoms....it could play havoc with travellers, (especially, perhaps exclusively, for us hapless Canadians), who would show positive PCR test results and be forced to extend trips by 10 or 11 days minimum.
Any comments on how "transmissable" individuals you have described would be? If I come down with these relatively benign cold symptoms in Zihua....thereby necessitating an extended stay.... how likely would it be that my spouse would then begin to experienc the same minor symptoms, necessitating an even longer extension of the trip?
(For us, this is all academic: we've bought our air tickets and booked accommodation. But it'll keep me awake at night, which wasn't the idea behind a vacation at all.)

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