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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Friday, April 29, 2022, 20:51 (68 days ago)


There are currently no active cases of Covid-19 in Zihuatanejo, and unless there is a major flare-up I'm not going to continue reporting daily numbers here. I doubt the government will continue with their daily Covid-19 updates much longer, either. It's time to get back to enjoying living.

Unfortunately there were some shootings in Zihuatanejo yesterday and today that the local media won't report because the government doesn't want them to, and the government pays them well to say only good things so as not to alarm our visitors or to put a stain on their political careers with anything that isn't positive. I think that's a very irresponsible attitude by both the government and their paid cheerleaders. All I can recommend due to the lack of details is to stay alert, be aware of your surroundings and never assume those popping sounds are firecrackers. This is a reminder why many of us don't find fireworks enjoyable. Nevertheless, I still love living here and I don't let this crap get to me. I knew what I was getting into before I moved here 33 years ago. Guerrero was a lawless state when I first lived here in '74, and in that respect not much has changed.

Today was another one of those picture postcard perfect days with absolutely perfect weather. Other places may have comparable weather, but few if any could possibly have better weather. Still cool enough to sleep partially under a sheet at night, but mild enough to not really need hot water for bathing anymore unless your tinaco is not exposed to the sun.

What a difference strolling around town this week. Tranquility has returned for the most part. No crowds. Almost no tourists, though there are still a surprising amount of foreigners here. Good to see. But restaurants and shops will start feeling the pinch, though we expect to continue receiving a good amount of weekend visitors between now and summer vacation at the beginning of July. From now until the first big rains is the best time of year for swimming. The water in our bay looks very inviting. The Mar de Fondo is still present but not as big as it was at the beginning of the week. Fishing looks like it's improving, too. This sure seems like paradise to me, warts and all. B-)

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¡Cuidemos nuestro patrimonio!

The last few visiting sailboats of the season sit peacefully at anchor in an extremely calm bay.

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