Un Paraíso IrreZIHstible

by midalake @, Thursday, May 05, 2022, 16:35 (61 days ago) @ mosesk

Not a clue as to what you might have been given. I assume you would have changed all of the passwords on all of your accounts, financial and otherwise.

I've given you the only clue that is a legitimate possibility, which is that the substance they most likely placed in my Victoria was Rohypnol.
So the question I was getting at was whether you have any experience in treating people who have been or are under the influence and secondarily whether your knowledge or intrigue of knowledge would lead you to remark anything about that substance.
As regards the second item I have not changed any passwords since it is as clear as clear mud to me that they did not get into my phone and thus have access to passwords.
If it turns out they were savvy enough to do so without me aware, or clone my phone, or any other sophisticated treatment of my phone, then my hat is off to them and any potential accomplices and I just surrender everything to this superior race of women and people who have probably put a spell on me anyway.


If you do not want to say the location. Can you please enable your email so a few of us long stay people can know. Thanks

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