Canadian Model of Abortion Rights

by Little Guy @, Monday, May 23, 2022, 13:53 (81 days ago) @ Bart

I stand by my original statement....there will not be a law passed to ban birth control. Do you think politicians don't use birth control?

Do you think “family values, anti-choice Republicans are consistent in what they do to control others and what they do in their own interests?

Pennsylvania Rep. Tim Murphy has resigned after a report surfaced earlier this week that he had asked an extramarital lover to end her pregnancy.

Murphy, a Republican who co-sponsored a 20-week abortion ban that passed in the House Tuesday, allegedly asked his lover to terminate her pregnancy, according to text message records acquired by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

This is only one example. I will leave it to your research skills to find the others. It shouldn’t be difficult. “Like finding hay in a haystack.”

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