Mexico City to Zihua Drive

by Little Guy @, Monday, July 25, 2022, 13:10 (71 days ago) @ Bill Fun

I know must people know this, but I was surprised how long the drive is from Mexico City (7 and half hours according to Google).

It is many years since I have spent any time in DF, but I was there in May. It reaffirmed my thought that it could easily take me an hour or two just getting into or out of DF! :-)

A couple of years ago I had a one-hour flight from ZIH to MEX. It took over two hours. The airport wad so busy, we had over an hour of circling, waiting for a landing slot.

I love seeing what is in DF and the area, but not the congestion. Give me the relative tranquility of our area any day.

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