Isla Ixtapa

by norm, Monday, January 17, 2011, 11:01 (3971 days ago) @ Mikeinthehat

Paraiso Escondido is probably best sit down restaurant ther but I prefer to cross to Playa Coral where the snorkling is.There is a row of probably 5 places to set up,similar to Gatas,and they are all about the same.I prefer either all the way to left or all the way to right.Only order off a menu or you may be unpleasantly surprised by specialty prices"we have great special lobster and shrimp today only".Avoid drinks that come in pineapples or coconuts.(100 pesos per) Wear aquasocks.Best snorkling is is shallow water off to the right and if you bring crackers(not topopos) you can really start a feeding frenzy.The biggest danger is banging head getting off boats.I usually smash my head just as they are saying "be careful you do not hit your head".Also coming back to mainland,ther is a big list to get to dock.Usually some kid will give you a hand up and he deserves a tip.

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