Narrative: a new UTAAZ rant

by The Fez ⌂ @, Wednesday, February 29, 2012, 01:14 (2274 days ago) @ Pelicano

Last year we decided to take the combi van to the airport from Plaza Kyoto for something to do. We trundled our wheeled luggage down from Casa Sun and Moon along the cobblestone street looking forward to a new adventure. We weren't in it to save money but to check out travel to the airport with some locals to see us off. We didn't actually know anyone getting into the vans, but every single person that got on or off greeted each and every passenger. They didn't mind our luggage occupying their leg space and some friendly small talk in both broken English and Spanish passed the time along the way.

My point is that as we walked along, UTAAZ taxistas trolled alongside asking where we were going. We kept saying 'micro' and kept moving. The look on the drivers' faces was worth the trek alone. One started negotiating a price, which we didn't care about as it wasn't about the money. We walked past the nest of cabs just down from Rufo's. Again, they shouted out where we were going and we said 'Aeropuerto con micro' and 'No gracias'. They started calling us 'insane' (which could be true) and some other Spanish words that I wasn't able to find in my dictionary.

In the end, why shouldn't I give my money to the driver of the micro? I don't even know what company they work for. But the drivers and passengers sure were friendly. I'm thinking of walking out of the airport to that little bar by the parking lot entrance, have a quick cold one, and wait for the next micro. What the hell!

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