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by KO @, Port Orchard, WA, Wednesday, February 16, 2011, 23:26 (3936 days ago)

Just returned home from one month in Zihuatanejo. This was our 5th year staying in El Centro. Trip highlights: Waterfall Tour with Wil of Bluemorpho Ecco Tours, Sailfest, bidding at the auction, sailing on The Rose, new friends and old, and my personal highlight was scuba diving with Paco of Adventure Dives who showed me the wonders of the deep,(well not very deep, but deep for me),he held my hand so I wouldn't get lost (or scared). Also daily adventure shopping at the mercado where I bought cheese by the yard from my cheese man. Wonderful meals at a mercado fonda, my first Chili Relleno, Zorro's fish and chips, aguacate soup at Aguave, marinated tuna at Chez Arnaldo, hamburgers at La Hija del Capitan, 4 of us had a great dinner at Casa Vieja and of course one night at Amulletos. I loved it , but it was a little over the top for the Senor who spent 22 years eating in Navy galleys. For anyone who is truly interested I did do a daily blog, mainly for friends and family, at www.zihuathyme.wordpress.com. Worst moment of our trip was when we discovered that our return ticket was for the very next day and we had to leave 1 day ealier that we thought we were going to. We've reserved our little apartment for next year for 6 weeks.


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