Gloomy About The Future Of Mexico...

by michoacan, Thursday, February 17, 2011, 13:52 (3941 days ago)

Organized crime seems to be winning. There are reports of violence coming from all over (thankfully Zihuatanejo has appeared to have escaped violence). The Army is pointing fingers at the federal police and the SSP is pointing right back. Wholesale prison escapes, even a US judge let a top murderer post bail of millions of dollars and walk free.

There are rumors circulating about many state governorships being hinged to organized crime and many so-called experts say it is only a short matter of time before one political faction starts knocking off another, all due to the alliances the politicos make with warring factions.

It is folly in many areas, a huge part of the country to drive a nice automobile, especially a newer SUV. I had always regarded Mex 57-D as being sort of exempt from criminal roadblocks but after a pair of ICE agents seemed to have been ambushed for their car and not because they were law enforcement types (this happened near San Luis Potosi), this really has disturbed me.

There is little doubt that organized crime has managed to infiltrate the top level of my state governorment's leadership. Ministereos Publicos are almost frozen with fear.

How in the world can beloved Mexico extract itself from this climate of fear? In my depression I fear the country may eventually declare martial law.

If anyone out there has any news that can help the black cloud hanging over my head to dissolve, I'd sure like to hear it.

Please take this post seriously. I really am in a funk over this.

Meanwhile I will say again, Zihuatanejo and region seems to have been able to avoid these problems. An island oasis that folks can go and be sure things are like they were ten years ago.

Thank You

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