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by Oeste Hermoso @, Zihuatanejo, Thursday, February 17, 2011, 17:44 (3941 days ago) @ michoacan

I am not sure why a Mexicano would look to English speaking people for a solution to the problem (however defined and that of course is the 1st step). The USA already told your country to crack down on illegal drugs and that doesn’t seem to help (Similar advice hasn’t worked in Afghanistan either). Why not do as the USA does and not as it says: legalize it! It’s not as if ‘bootlegger’s offspring’ springs to the lips of (US of) Americans when they hear the initials JFK, RFK and JFK Jr. There are precedents for this sort of thing.

As the recent events in the middle show, there are no easy answers when it comes to changing the political/cultural ways of a country. Marching in the square in Tehran, Mexico City or Kent Sate University will not necessarily lead to the same results it led to in Egypt.

Study and learn from other countries. Craft realistic solutions based on normative principles from la constitución mexicana.

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