Perhaps Pray For The Best

by michoacan, Friday, February 18, 2011, 14:52 (3944 days ago) @ NoName

I do not understand how making drugs legal is going to stop sicarios from collecting protection money from residents and business owners. How would that stop balaceras where young customers celebrating someon'e dia de santo are massacred because the dueño of a disco failed to pay a halcone a weekly protection fee?

Mexicanos are not in danger because of marijuanos, they are in danger because ratones are operating in barrios and business districts. People are getting beat up or worse because of extortion and protection, they get a precious car stolen, go to he police and then a few nights later comes a knock on the door. Don't make trouble.

People who blame presidente Calderon for the troubles do not understand that because of how gangs operate drogistas are the least of their problems. Sicarios who kill for a car are all over Mexico.

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