Gloomy About The Future Of Mexico...

by Craig Scheiner, Saturday, February 19, 2011, 18:48 (3938 days ago) @ Scott

The poster Michoacan is the only one who really seems to get it here, IMHO. Rob gets it once in a while, but never when drug legalization is part of the topic. This problem is not endemic to Mexico. It happens everywhere there is corruption and a governmental power vacuum. Drug cartels aren't the cause; they are just one of the results Michoacan posts about. Now and then Rob talks to the problem: a corrupt political system, no law enforcement to speak of, things being run by money and corrupt power; a population, including Rob, who says the killers aren't killing me, just other drug dealers, so just leave them alone and they'll leave you alone. But they aren't leaving the everyday people of Mexico alone, as Michoacan points out. It's rampant lawlessness, from the boom-box cars Rob complains about, to raping environmentally "protected" places to build another time-share project, and everything else up to the kidnappings and killings.

Blaming the President of Mexico, or weed smokers in the US for Mexico's corruption and crime ridden problems is utterly ridiculous. Both the problems and solutions are the responsibilities of Mexicans.

Just an observation from another tourist. But what do I know?


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