School supplies/children's clothes- would like to visit scho

by mnponyexpress, Monday, February 21, 2011, 11:29 (3932 days ago)

We will be staying at the Melia Azul in March. Last year we befriended a gentleman at the market area on Playa Linda. He had some boys working with/for him- said they came from San Jose- a bit N- to work to make money for their families while on 2 week break from school (before Easter). We are wondering if it is "doable" to bring a bag w/ school type supplies, and children's clothes and take a taxi from the Melia Azul (?? probablilty of English speaking taxi driver- we try to use Spanish as much as possible but are very limited....) to a school in the area that could use some supplies and there might be children who could use clothes. Would it be reasonable to "drop in" and spend some time observing the school? (Our daughter is 8 yrs old.) I realize here in the states this would not be acceptable and am wondering if the same might stand true for a small rural or village school in the Ixtapa/San Jose area- we want to be respectful. Would also want to be cognizant of safety. Please advise- is this reasonable?- suggestion as to a school to go to?- getting there and back?- what to bring? Thank you kindly.

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