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I have to agree with this post.I try to share the wealth and try as many places as possible,but I have 2 that I tend to go back for more and it's Puntarenas for their grilled huachinanga and Lety's for their coco shrimp.I'm someone that usually perfer fresh fish-seafood with as little added as possible but this recipe is different and works as a nice change.But last night I went and as I wasn't very hungry after a late bite on the beach,I tried their cocktail of fresh shrimp and octopus and I think I will need more before I leave.It was just great!!!The place was booming last night and although they are supposed to close at 21:00,a table of 8 showed just about that time and the place was still close to full.Lety was quite happy as it has been a tough season and she had a so-so review on Trip Advisor and didn't quite know what to do about it.This is one reason I much prefer a site like this one as at least the operator can defend themselves or bring a response versus anonymous posts that cannot really be properly responded on some other sites...frankly,the only issue I may have with Lety's is their closing time which I find for such a place may be a tad early.But the staff is attentive and it's has been a pleasure eating there and I have no problem recommending them.

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