Playa Linda good, but

by StreetGlide, Wednesday, February 23, 2011, 20:56 (3941 days ago)

My wife and I went out to Playa Linda on Wednesday and found the beach was good for walking and the ocean good for swimming. However we went to a beach restaurant which may be called La Palapa but in any event it is the first or second closest to the pier and the best appearing restaurant on the beach. The food was mediocre but that's OK. We were presented with a bill that listed what we had and the price of each item but no total. Just below the listed prices was a total line and below that were words to the effect that there was a 10% propina (tip). The individual items added up by me totalled 185 pesos. The bill was presented at 244 pesos. I asked our waiter if the propina was include and he said it was not. I asked him why our items toataled 185 pesos and the bill was for 244. He replied there is a 16% tax in all of Mexico. I have never heard of that but I am willing to learn. My math isn't great but adding on 16% to 185 does not get anywhere near 244 pesos. The waiter kept insisting that there was no charge for the table. We won't be back to Playa Linda. Too bad for everyone that tries to make a living out there.

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