Getting to La Barra de Potosí from Ixtapa

by D-Loco, Friday, January 07, 2011, 14:39 (3476 days ago) @ MN Nice

From Ixtapa it adds an extra leg.

You could bus from Ixtapa then get off at Bodega. Then walk over towards the car dealers and when you get over by them just wander along the sidewalk in the direction of the airport. It shouldnt be too long and large school bus shaped type will slowly go by with a guy hanging out calling 'Peta Peta Peta'. Signal to him and hop on. If you can get a seat where you can see out the front window you will see when you get to Achote. Watch for a sign ahead of time and make sure it's the stop on the corner of town.....tiendas, large wayside. Your first time dont hesitate to ask as you approach. There's always a first time you to do it and when you do it once you'll see how easy it is. The worse that can happen it that you'll ride all the way to Peta in which case you'll just have to get off on your way back B-)

Once your off that bus just walk down to the cattle trucks and vans and its easy from there. About 20 minutes or so to the beach.

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