Right or Wrong...

by suztamasopo @, Monday, March 21, 2011, 16:49 (4122 days ago) @ kayakdude

Kayakdude - Until the past 6 months I would had agreed with everything you have written. Not now! We are careful to never break any traffic or other laws while driving in Mexico and have had our share of stops for mordidas. We have used all the tactics you mentioned - my Spanish is pretty good. And usually get off with 100 pesos or so mordida.
But things of changed. In the past 5 months - after 25 years and more than 150,000 miles of Mexican driving - we have been stopped 3 times for doing absolutely nothing wrong and encountered mean, handcuff and gun pulling officers. Traffico, Municipal and Estado. No longer are they content with
100 pesos but want 500 to 1000. Now we are even more careful. We will not curtail our travels because of fear, but more care than in previous years is certainly warranted because climate has drastically changed.
It saddens me that more and more folks are not coming to enjoy the wonderful scenery, culture and people of Mexico because the government has not been able to bring a stop to the acts that are causing the fear.
I do want to add that the Military, Federal Officers and any authorities are
inspection stops have always been and still are courteous and non threatening.

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