Meeting in Barra with FONATUR

by Laura ⌂ @, Wednesday, March 23, 2011, 17:02 (3959 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

Thanks for posting the article Rob. It is very accurate and well written.

I think the Fonatur guy was asking himself if he was getting paid enough for the job of first line of fire/doublespeak to keep the locals properly tricked into manageable passivity. Wasn't as easy as he expected.

A couple of important things... he continued to repeat 'No hay Muelle' always keeping it in present tense. When asked specifically if there existed in the recent past, now or could possibly exist in the works in the next 10 15 years a plan for a pier. He evaded answering. When asked if there existed a development plan in Fonatur on land that would include golf courses, hotels, road expansion, he replied, "That is not my area of authority. I can't respond." When asked can he say it does not exist, he replied visibly reaching for his choice of words as if caught, "I can't say it does not exist"

After the meeting I asked him why the person with authority to reply to concerns of the local residents to such questions did not appear with him, he said he didn't know.

Another detail...he kept talking about atracaderos they would construct (rather than a pier). When asked if those would be used to receive passengers from cruise ships, he said there would be no cruise ships. When then asked ...'Then what is the purpose of the atracaderos?' he replied after seeming stuck, 'They will be for the fishermen'. That produced groans from the crowd.

Despite the usual corporate-speak double-talk in his presentation (the entire presentation was focused on generalities about API and the wonderful past projects of Fonatur) it seemed to me the community slammed him with not only emotion but also pinning him down with questions that revealed his lack of ability (authority) to answer pertinent concerns as well as contradictions in logic and in facts.

As one fishermen adroitly pointed out, if there were no plans for development why did they get the concession?

There will be so much more to come...

Hasta pronto,
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