Video Trip report....

by PJ in VaBeach, Friday, March 25, 2011, 08:21 (3959 days ago)

Some background...
This was our third trip to Z in 6 sister and her partner, Steve own a timeshare at Intrawest (ya..I know, I know). The first year we came it was love at first sight and we've tried to get back as often as we can.
This year we somehow ended up with a shortened trip, only 6 days instead of 7.
We went to the airport on the 4th of February and were informed that all flights were cancelled due to snow in Houston and we would not be able to go home until the following Wednesday. It turns out that we were already home in Zihuatanejo.
Of course our time was up at Intrawest so we decided to mix it up a bit and stayed at Hotel Irma on Madera for two days and then shifted over to Villa Mexicana for the final three days.
Between my sister and I we had compiled over 1200 pictures in that almost 2 weeks and I have tried to gather the ones that would most convey our feelings about the town, the people who live there, and why we always want to come back. I hope you enjoy!!

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