Making Lemonade

by El Tacaño, Friday, March 25, 2011, 11:21 (3962 days ago)

My spouse & her best friend are on a trip to Peru that was to include free airfare round trip.
Do to a mess up they had to pay going down with a 10 hour layover at MEX. This gave them an opportunity to spend the day exploring Teotihuacan.

Then after a trip with all rain filled days to the various ruins, several more canceled/delayed flights they finally arrived back into the US 2 days late only to find the American Airlines (their free flight airline)fuel storage tanks in Miami where they landed have been destroyed in an explosion. They spent the night sleeping on the Miami airport's floor.
So she just called informing me that as they can not get a flight home until Saturday they are off to Miami Beach where neither has ever been to enjoy the sights & eat some stone crab.
Ya got to admire these gals spunk!

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