interesting adventure in la ropa and las gatas

by Sharkboy ⌂ @, Barra de Potosi, Tuesday, April 05, 2011, 23:01 (3948 days ago)

:nono: Hey. yesterday I went to la ropa beach and las gatas me and my girlfriend. :-] and we walk with a little plastic bag with two sandwichs and one bottle water. and we went to swim and then we try to take our luch.:popcorn: down a palm tree, :-| and then some people says me: is not possible to eat here. because the hotel is in front. and I say: is outside of the fence. but he say honly if I am a guest of the hotel. you can eat your food there... where is finish the beach. there is the visitors. sh!! :rant: :beatwall: :deadhorse: :spank: thats to bad. only I just want to eat one sandwich. and of course the trash in the trash bag. I will be so sad if barra is a place like that. and we walk and explored the way to las gatas.:woohoo: so nice. and there I bay a oisters.and there in las gatas the people is so freandly. too with local people. good. was my first time in these places. :vivamexico:

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