Beauty for Zih Beasts

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Tuesday, September 05, 2017, 11:16 (313 days ago)

Of course just as we turned off the TV and the lights to go to sleep last night we had to have a deluge so strong that it had us preparing our ground floor for a flood that thankfully never came and we were spared a minor calamity. However I heard on a morning radio program that others weren't so fortunate. Apparently some homes in Colonia El Embalse were damaged when the arroyo there flooded over its banks. I imagine from the length and intensity of the downpour there was also some damage in the outlying communities and the sierra. I heard that the Río Balsas was already flooding around the Infiernillo dam, and communities higher up in the sierra have also had rivers overflow into their communities due to recent intense rains. But I'll take what we have anyday compared to what my friends in the Caribbean and Florida are looking at. A Cat 5 monster bearing down on them.

The walkway along the waterfront was certainly washed clean from last night's deluge. Most of the discarded chewing gum and odd smells had been washed away. Amazingly some of the fishermen managed to bring home a catch this morning, though several others could be seen bailing their boats on the beach where they had flooded.

Even got to enjoy some taco de ojo on the pier where we spied a photo shoot in session with a pretty model trying on some lovely bathing suits.

I always feel compelled to stop and watch respectfully whenever we pass by the Sector Naval during their hoisting of the colors.