Z traveler from US to Z to bring some items.

by jaui @, Zihuatanejo, Friday, September 22, 2017, 23:09 (24 days ago)

Sept. 23 2017

I need a few items brought down here.
IF there is someone who will be heading down to Z in the next month of October, and has a small amount of space in their CHECK ON BAG, (NOT in a carry-on), I would most appreciate the help.
I actually have someone who was going to bring my items, BUT in a CARRY ON bag, and we are worried that the TSA will confiscate an item or two.
I understand that some TSA Inspectors can be a bit fussy.

Please reply by clicking on the Email envelope, and I will send you the list of the items ready to go.

Thank You B-)


Z traveler from US to Z to bring some items.

by BL @, Sunday, September 24, 2017, 16:19 (22 days ago) @ jaui

Hi! there is a term for people who do that, and some people do it for business. In Spanish the word is "chivero" or "chivera", depending on the gender. I was looking through my email and I can't find the info on one that had been recommended when I lived in Mexico City. Many people use them to bring back clothes, housewares, etc. They charge you a fixed price plus sometimes weight, volume, or price you paid. Usually, they do trips to the US, gather everything and go back.

If you know some locals in Z, maybe ask if they have a "chivero/a de confianza".

Hope this helps.