Medical care in Mexico, my tale

by Gringo Viejo @, Kansas/Zihuatanejo, Friday, February 08, 2019, 09:20 (305 days ago)

Hoping this will help some travelers. Have been coming to extended vacations in Mexico for 19 years and have lived here permanently for 2 4/2 years. .
In that time my late wife had shingle, a broken left arm, two operations on her right arm. In each case the Doctors and hospitals and other providers did what they were going to do and did it. In each case, when I returned to the U.S. she went to here local Doctors and they said, "They did exactly what I would have".
I have been to Hospital Especiales several times for treatment of A Fib, BP problems, TIAs and ortho static hypertension has included 3 overnight stays with the problems listed above. Dr Molina has been my cardiologist for in patient care. A typical overnight stat costs to about 21,000 MXP "out the door", total. Note that in the surgeries the "host" Doctor may present a bill for the total costs and then he will pay the other providers. Factria or other receipt that your insurance company will honor; most insurance companies, if you have coverage, maintain a separate dept. for this activity and they have interpreters.

My current wife has had a slipped disc operation and a "tummy tuck". All surgeries listed herein seem to cost around 100,000 pesos "out the door".

When admitted to a hospital they have had excellent RNs and you don't have to push a button and then wait 30 for someone to come to your room The RNs are there immediately. Note that none of the hospitals provide "personal services" for the patient. A family member or trusted friend must stay in the room and provide all personal service.

And don't let the language barrier become an undue concern. There will be someone nearby that will help you. This is normal for hospitals but not always true for the typical "side walk doctor".

My last CRI was done at NDP, very modern and clean facility with an English speaking technician trained in Houston and Washington. She offered that providers, just like in the US., will be good and bad, the trick is to know which is which. In the U.S. this is done by the industry systems and practices such as government and insurance companies.u
Note: CRIs are available at NDP labs but you have to go to Lazaro Cardenas
for an MRI.

Also, don't go for an MRI if you have a pace maker without getting clearance first.

Hope this helps in your concerns about medical care. I started out several years with apprehensions just like everyone. I have leaned the medical system here is good as you will need with few exceptional cases.

I hope my experiences wit

I hope my experiences with

and you must pay up front. They, and all other providers will provide a