Mega Soriano

by Garry, Sunday, August 11, 2019, 09:45 (42 days ago)

Has anyone been to Mega this morning? Yesterday I had a cart full of groceries and after loading them on the belt I was informed that the credit card connection for all of Zihuatanejo was down. I only had a small amount of pros so had to get a few basics until I can get to the bank tomorrow. Hope it is up today!

Mega Soriano

by Aunt Chelada, Sunday, August 11, 2019, 10:43 (42 days ago) @ Garry

So much for us becoming a "cashless society"!

Mega Soriano

by elhombre @, Sunday, August 11, 2019, 10:47 (42 days ago) @ Aunt Chelada

Most all of Mexico city was without credit cards including ATMs yesterday. Something to do with overloading the system with big store promotions. Don't know about today?


Mega Soriano

by hromero ⌂ @, Sunday, August 11, 2019, 15:44 (42 days ago) @ Garry

Yes, all of Mexico was experiencing problems processing credit transactions yesterday. One of our guests had to return to the room for cash while their partner waited at the restaurant because their card couldn't be processed. I didn't go to the Sorianna but used my debit card for a transaction today. All appears to be back up and running in that regard.

Humberto Romero